Why Do You Win or Lose Opportunities?



Customer Win/Loss Interviews

A customer win/loss program is an invaluable vehicle to learn how your customers perceive you and your competitors.

We interview decision makers who recently evaluated your company as part of a competitive purchase. We uncover the customer’s selection process and evaluation criteria. We provide you with a report that includes how you and your competitors were scored, along with explanations that are supported by actual quotes from the interview.

Win/Loss Analysis

After completing several interviews, we perform an analysis of the aggregate win/loss data to reveal the reasons that you win and lose. We also provide you with concrete cross-functional recommendations on how to improve your win rates.

A presentation is developed and delivered in which we review and discuss the findings and recommendations with you. We provide you with an executive summary report. We support you in all steps of the win/loss program, including deal selection, measurement and reporting, delivering win/loss findings, and more.

Don’t let a multi-million dollar sale fall apart because you lacked the information to get it closed.

Other Interview Types

We do many other specialty interviews like Voice of the Customer, Post-Deal Sales Team Debriefs, M&A Interviews, Reference Checks, and even In-flight Deal Interviews.

Read more about these specialized interviews here.