John Petronio and Richard Case share best practices of competitive marketing and win/loss through a series of webinars. Visit our youtube channel to watch the presentations. Or downloaded the slides from the Petronio Marketing Group’s profile page on slideshare.net.


Why Win/Loss Can Be Your Secret Weapon

(Watch On Youtube, Download Slides)

  • The difference between sales debriefs and customer win/loss interviews
  • What you can learn from a debrief, and what you can learn from a win/loss interview
  • What do you need in order to perform an analysis with recommendations
  • Case study – A comparison of 64 sales debriefs and their corresponding win/loss interviews

How to Start a Win/Loss Program

(Available, contact us for more information)

  • Getting Buy-In from the Top
  • Developing A Questionnaire
  • Sales Participation
  • Which Deals Should Be Interviewed?
  • Tips on performing an Interview
  • Delivering Your Results

Performing and Delivering An Win/Loss Analysis

(Available contact us for more information)

  • Getting Participation
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Wizard Charts
  • Battle Plans
  • Suggestions


Looking for us to cover a specific topic? Send your email suggestions to info@petronio.com with the title “Webinar Suggestion”.