Show Me the Vision!

Six Lessons from Hearing Customers Talk about Vision By John Petronio and Rick Case A lot of high tech companies think vision is fluff.  And they come to that conclusion because their customers won’t outright admit that vision played into their buying decision.  However, when we conduct in-depth win/loss interviews, vision comes up almost every[…]

Four Reasons Why External Win-Loss Services Deliver Better Results

Companies that take the first step of doing a thorough review of why they win and lose deals often ask the question, “Why can’t we just do this internally?” Good question, but there are four good answers to say “no.”   1.      You Need an Unbiased Perspective First and foremost, it is hard for anyone[…]

8 Tips on Conducting Win/Loss Interviews

I love interviewing people. You learn a lot. Most people are in fact enjoyable to talk with. And, the subject matter is fascinating. I’m not going to give away ALL of my secrets on performing win/loss interviews, but below is a list of what I think are some really important ideas to employ when interviewing[…]

Why a Win Loss Program can be your “Secret Weapon”

Why you need something more than ‘internal sales debriefs’ to increase your competitiveness… As we’ve recently spoken with a number of potential clients about Win/Loss Programs, more than a few people have told us that their company is already doing Win/Loss internally.  When asked for details, we’ve found that many companies think that they are doing Win/Loss when they[…]

The Value of Win/Loss

Today I’m announcing that I’ve started a business that provides competitive marketing services to high tech clients. I’m teaming up with a titan of win/loss analysis — Richard Case. Richard is a former Gartner VP, and we have worked together in the past. I will be leveraging Richard’s win/loss methodology and patented analysis approach as[…]