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Competitor Battlecards

Do your customers understand how you are different from your competition?
A Competitor BattleCard turns your win/loss analysis into best practices to employ against a specific competitor. BattleCards include succinct strategies, a description of how the competitor competes, guidance on how to deflect the competitor’s strengths, and effective attacks on the competitor’s weaknesses.We develop (and optionally deliver) sales training on these strategies and use of the BattleCards.

Sales Training

Does your sales training include the latest information on your competition?

589658Do you have educational vehicles to deliver your latest competitive information – including self-study training, weekly Sales Team updates, and competitive training as part of your sales onboarding? Is your sales team learning from your educational programs- are you assessing their skills and the effectiveness of your programs?We can help you develop the curriculum, and deliver the latest knowledge about your competitors.


Whitepapers, External Comparisons, and More

Do your customers understand how you are different from your competition?

Do you need a deck comparing you and your competitors? Do you need a whitepaper that explains the value of your approach over your competitor’s approach? We develop externally focused materials that articulate the value of your differentiation.Do you need something else? We do other custom competitive projects.

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