Other Interviews

We do many types of interviews for our customers to improve customer satisfaction, increase revenue, due diligence, reference checks, and even health checks on current pursuits.

Voice of the Customer – Are you concerned that you might lose your current customers? Perhaps they might give that next project to one of your competitors? Or maybe they’ll churn and completely drop you? Our Voice of the Customer (VOC) program provides you with the Net Promoter Score (NPS) of your account. You learn what your customer really thinks of you – and whether or not that customer would recommend you to other perspective customers. This information not only helps you manage the account, it helps you understand what your customers want and need from you in general.

Post-Deal Internal Sales Team Debriefs – This is a great approach to get consensus from your team about your customers and competitors. We debrief sales teams, and find the common issues between your sales executives. You quickly learn about how you are being attacked, or what your customers are thinking about your value proposition and positioning.

Merger and Acquisition Interviews – Is your company considering purchasing another company? We can help you with your diligence by interviewing the customers of your potential target acquisition.

Reference Checks – References are an important tool in selling. But what if your references don’t match up or exceed your competitor’s references? We can find out what your references are saying about you, and what your competitor’s references are saying about your competitor. Then you’ll have a better sense of whether you need to address any issues with your references, or if you can exploit weaknesses in your competitor’s references.

In-flight Deal Interviews – Has the deal stalled? Do you think your losing? Has the decision already been made? We can discretely find out for you so that you can best manage your accounts and sales resources.