Market Research

Increase your knowledge of the customers and the vendors in the market

Product Analysis and Comparisons

Your competitor beats you in the “proof of concept” time and time again.  Why?  What can they do that you can’t?  We can tell you where you fall down, what features you are missing, or where you excel.

Pricing Research

How much do solutions in the market cost, and what are the customers willing to pay?

Competitive Positioning

You are coming out with a new release. How do the new features stack up against your competitors?  How do the new features and capabilities comparatively differentiate you against your competition?  Why does your new release make you faster, easier, more flexible, and scalable?

Custom Projects

We can perform a multitude of custom ad hoc competitive projects, including – performing “deep” research on your competitor’s products, services, and sales tactics; attending conferences and reporting roadmaps; and, much more.

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